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Michael Belcourt, PhD

Project Management & IND Support

Michael Belcourt, PhD, has a broad background in project management in both the academic and private sectors. In the private sector, he oversaw the planning, management and execution of the development of numerous drugs from discovery to FDA approval including manufacturing, clinical and regulatory activities. He is a certified Project Management Professional, with experience spanning all phases of clinical research and drug development. He also has a decade of experience in research and project management training in multi-site settings. In the academic sector, he has worked with investigators to plan, write, implement and maintain IND and IDE applications with the FDA. 

Dr. Belcourt serves as a consultant for IND and multicenter support for the Yale Center for Clinical Investigation (YCCI). He provides expertise in developing and implementing management plans for complex multicenter studies for which Yale investigators serve as PIs. He also provides guidance on whether an IND is required, data collection for the application, and the submission process, as well as support for maintaining and monitoring INDs.