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YCCI Podcasts

Faculty associated with the Yale Center for Clinical Investigation discuss their efforts to put knowledge to work for patients. They recount stories of research that helps obese children achieve a healthy body weight, addresses the root causes of cardiovascular disease in African Americans and offers the parents of autistic children proven strategies to help their children – in other words, research with real-life benefits.

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The Director's Perspective

YCCI's Directors speak about how the NIH Clinical and Translational Science Award is helping to transform clinical and translational research at Yale.

Yale Institutional Commitment

Leaders from across the medical campus discuss how the integration of the schools, medical practice and hospital is helping shape Yale's vision of clinical and translational research.

Education and Career Development

YCCI's educational programs are helping train the next generation of clinical and translational research. Scholars in the Junior Faculty Scholars program are using their awards to advance their careers and leverage funding for their research.

Biomedical Informatics

Managing and analyzing large amounts of data is opening avenues for investigators to develop innovative new treatments.

Development of Novel Clinical and Translational Methodologies

YCCI's investment in core technologies is paving the way for cutting-edge research that is helping researchers understand the underpinnings of many diseases and may lead to new ways of treating them.

Pilot Funding

Pilot funding is providing opportunities for Yale investigators to conduct promising research studies that capitalize on Yale expertise.

Regulatory Knowledge

YCCI is finding ways to break down barriers that stand in the way of conducting clinical research and working with other CTSA institutions to share lessons learned and develop best practices.

Clinical Research Resources

YCCI's clinical research resources include a convenient outpatient facility and an inpatient unit at Yale-New Haven Hospital with a skilled nursing staff and state-of-the-art equipment to support complex clinical research studies.

Biostatistics and Study Design

A joint effort between YCCI and the School of Public Health, the Yale Center for Analytical Sciences expands on the biostatistical support offered by YCCI to assist investigators in this important aspect of clinical and translational research.

Community-Based Research, Education and Engagement

YCCI is training investigators in community-based participatory research and forming partnerships with community organizations and health care providers to design and conduct research that addresses the health concerns of the surrounding community.

Evaluation and National Program Benefit

YCCI is continuously evaluating its performance and progress and is actively involved in sharing best practices with other CTSA sites in order to enhance and facilitate clinical and translational research.