Director's Corner

Robert Sherwin
Facilitating the translation of disease related discoveries from the bench to the bedside and from the clinic to the community is the heart of YCCI’s mission. This issue of our newsletter explores the ways we seek to foster collaboration, both internally at Yale and with the community, in order to create an environment that allows that to happen. 

Our collaboration with the Yale Cancer Center, as well as with other centers and departments, illustrates how breaking down silos leads to better utilization of resources as well as opportunities to strengthen the infrastructure that supports clinical and translational research across the entire institution. I’m delighted by the progress of this partnership, and I look forward to building on the groundwork we’ve already laid. 

New leadership and a revamped structure have had a positive impact on our T3 Translational Research Core, and our Cultural Ambassadors program has afforded opportunities for interaction between Yale investigators and members of the New Haven community beyond what we anticipated two years ago when we began working with representatives from Junta for Progressive Action and the AME Zion Church. We have also made great strides in involving the community in our research efforts through our recruitment campaign, which has now moved into its electronic phase. 

Even our pilot program has reaped the rewards of a collaborative approach with basic science awards to investigators from different disciplines working together, including departments outside the medical campus. 

There’s no doubt that our philosophy of partnership both within and outside Yale has served us well in supporting and expanding Yale’s research enterprise. We look forward to continuing these endeavors in the years ahead. 

Robert Sherwin, MD

YCCI Director