Director’s Corner

Robert Sherwin, MD

We've successfully navigated the renewal process for the second round of funding of the Clinical and Translational Science Award, and I'm very proud of what we've accomplished during our first five years.

I'm pleased by the enthusiasm demonstrated by my colleagues across the medical campus as well as the level of financial and programmatic support we continue to receive from Yale-New Haven Hospital and the School of Medicine. Dean Alpern has made exceptional contributions that include actively recruiting outstanding faculty members, expanding research infrastructure, developing new translational programs, and providing funding for our programs and core research resources. His support has played a major role in our achievements so far. Our collective efforts are paying off; almost $200 million per year of Yale's NIH grant support is now directly connected to YCCI.

I'm confident that the next five years will bring as many exciting changes as we've seen during the first grant cycle. As Yale's clinical and translational research community – along with the number of research studies – it conducts continues to grow, we'll build on our experience to increase support for the programs that have been successful and develop new ones to meet increased demands. Our expanded leadership team and Yale's new IT infrastructure will help us make great strides in translating scientific discoveries into treatments that will benefit patients. Thanks to the hard work and spirit of collaboration we've encountered across the board, I believe we are now positioned to be the engine driving innovative clinical and transitional research at Yale. I look forward to the next five years.

Robert Sherwin, MD

YCCI Director