New Community Research Services for YCCI Investigators

In order to develop new treatments that will benefit patients in the New Haven community and beyond, it is vital that the diversity of the patient population is reflected in those that participate in research studies. Unfortunately, minorities are under-represented in clinical trials, despite the fact that they suffer disproportionately from a number of diseases. YCCI seeks to engage minority populations in clinical trials, which is especially important at Yale because New Haven’s population is 27 % Hispanic or Latino and 33% African American.

YCCI has partnered with JUNTA for Progressive Action and the African Methodist Episcopal Zion (AME Zion) Church to ensure that clinical studies incorporate the needs of their communities. JUNTA is the oldest Latino community based non-profit organization in New Haven and the AME Zion Church is New Haven’s oldest African American congregation.

Representatives of JUNTA and AME Zion Church serve as cultural ambassadors to Yale’s research programs. They act as expert resources, advising Yale investigators how best to raise awareness of clinical research and engage the community. YCCI initially provided intensive training on topics such as the importance of clinical research, how it is conducted, and protections for human subjects. Education is provided on an ongoing basis through monthly faculty presentations. 

Cultural ambassadors are available to:

  • Participate in projects, community engagement activities and community events designed to promote and increase participation in clinical trials.
  • Assist in the development of recruitment plans for specific trials.
  • Assist in the development of protocols for specific trials
  • Provide translation services for informed consents and other materials into Spanish.

They are also helping to develop printed and web materials regarding clinical research and minority participation and are contributing their time and effort to customize YCCI’s global recruitment campaign to the needs of their communities.

By working closely with this dedicated group, YCCI aims to facilitate positive and long-term relationships between Yale research staff and New Haven’s Hispanic and African-American communities. The goal of this partnership is to increase the participation of these communities in clinical trials that have the potential to directly benefit their members.

Researchers who would like to request services provided by this program should contact Frederic De Pourcq at 203.785.4027 or

Cultural Ambassadors from JUNTA

Cultural Ambassadors from JUNTA 

Celia Carvalho

Cultural Ambassadors from the AME Zion Church

Cultural Ambassadors from the AME Zion Church

Reverend Dr. LeRoy O. Perry, Jr. (left) and Reverend Timothy Howard (right)