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Introducing the new YCCI-sponsored Research Team Member Appreciation Travel Awards

Applications due by December 5, 2018
Acknowledge the outstanding contributions of your research team members by submitting a nomination for one of our YCCI-sponsored Research Team Member Appreciation Travel Awards. We know that attending conferences and meetings are often a luxury in our research environment.  We have therefore decided to sponsor several YCCI travel awards as a part of this years’ Coordinator Appreciation luncheon. 

The awards will cover, the following:
  • up to $500 in meeting registration fees
  • up to $400 in roundtrip airfare
  • up to $300 in hotel expense, meals, and other transportation expenses
For a total of up to $1,200 per award.  
Any non-faculty member of the research team is eligible to submit a nomination. Self-nominations are also welcome.

Due date: December 5, 2018


All non-faculty research team members are is eligible to submit a nomination. Team members in the Office Sponsored Programs, Yale Human Research Protections Program, and Yale IRB are also eligible to apply.   Self-nominations are welcomed.  The meeting must be related to your current role at Yale and occur during calendar year 2019.  All awardees must agree to do a short presentation upon returning to share their knowledge with the rest of the research community.

Award rules:

Faculty,  Post-Doc, and student team members are not eligible for the award.  The meeting must be related to your current role at Yale.  Awardee must be employed by Yale to accept and redeem the award. For any awardee who leaves Yale prior to the identified meeting, the award will be forfeited.  The awards cannot be transferred to support a different individual or to attend a different meeting.  The awards cannot cover travel for non-Yale employees.  The award caps are fixed by category. The PI of the project or the awardee's Supervisor must agree to the travel as part of the submission process.  Research team members employed at Yale for less than 6 months are not eligible. YCCI staff are not eligible for this award.

Selection process:

YCCI will assemble a group of research leaders from across the community to review submission and make selections.  The initial review will be based on the relevance of the meeting to the individual and the broader Yale community.  The final selection will also include  recommendations of the PI or current supervisor.