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Kimberly Yonkers, MD

Professor Adjunct of Psychiatry

I have a strong history in the conduct of clinical trials and cohort studies. My clinical research spans several decades and has been predominantly funded by federal research grants. A list of some of these projects are listed below and include datasets amenable to secondary analyses:

1) The Yale Pink and Blue study, a large cohort study of ~2700 women who were followed for psychiatric and obstetric complications and outcomes through pregnancy and into the postpartum period.

2) The Symptom Onset Study randomized 193 women with premenstrual dysphoric disorder to treatment with sertraline or similarly appearing placebo that was initiated at the onset of premenstrual symptoms. Monthly and daily ratings were collected for at least 2 evaluation cycles and 6 cycles of double blind treatment.

3) Project START (Screeening to Augment Referral to Treatment) randomized 176 pregnant women with hazardous substance use to psychological treatment provided on-site or usual care, and followed them for 2 years.

4) The Progesterone treatment for Cocaine (ProCo) study randomized 40 women with pre-conceptional cocaine use disorder to postpartum treatment with oral micronized progesterone or placebo

5) Comparison of Screening measures for detection of substance misuse in pregnant women. This is a 3-center cross-sectional study of 1200 gravidas. The goal was to compare 5 screening instruments on measures of merit.

6) Project MISA is a study of ways to integrate use of motivational interviewing into a general medical setting.

7) A new project to help pregnant women stop using alcohol through administration of an electronic motivational interview and text messages.