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Ella Huang

2022 YCCI Summer Exposures Intern

Ella Huang is a Junior at Meridian High School in VA. She is particularly interested in fields where art, science, and technology intersect and how an individual, community, or organization can promote positive change. One of her most impactful projects focused on watershed education where she works on understanding community impact on local ecosystems and, in turn, how they can impact human health. She was drawn to YCCI’s Exposures program because of her interest in expanding her knowledge of how communities can affect other areas such as clinical research and health equity and the unparalleled opportunity to learn directly from great leaders at Yale, FDA, and in the community.

About my YCCI internship

I was fortunate to be able to participate in the YCCI Exposures Program in the summer of 2022. The opportunity to learn from great Yale leaders such as Drs. Smith, Krystal, Hsiao, Velazquez, Nunez-Smith, Sevier, and Ms. Johnson at Yale as well as the community leaders and the members of the FDA has been an unforgettable experience. I gained knowledge about clinical and translational research areas and processes but also learned about career paths, worked with amazing mentors, and explored different software in the field such as MyChart and Red Cap.

For Students Considering YCCI

This is an amazing opportunity for all students who are interested in exploring clinical and translational research careers. Learning directly from clinical and translational science leaders is an invaluable experience and is not to be missed.