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Alexander Weiden

2022 YCCI Summer Exposures Intern

Alexander Weiden is a rising sophomore at STEM School Highlands Ranch in Colorado. He has a strong interest in medicine and general biology, and specifically the marginalization of underrepresented races, particularly Native Americans, within the healthcare system. He is a competitive Rubik’s Cube solver, and is ranked 50th globally in the Square-1 event. He is also a participant in the BEST Robotics Program, where his team has consistently ranked in the top ten in district and regional competitions. He founded his school’s Ornithology and Rubik’s Cube clubs, and enjoys sharing his passion for these subjects with others.

About my YCCI Internship

My experience with the YCCI Exposures Internship has had a significant impact on my career perspective and general outlook on medicine. The interactive and lively lessons covered a variety of topics in medicine, research, and ethics. Each and every session gave us a detailed yet manageable overview of information that applied both to our group projects as well as our future healthcare careers. Additionally, we were introduced to many of the skills needed to thrive in a medical career from industry leaders. The group project was also an extremely valuable experience. I was able to connect with peers who shared similar goals and interests, and we designed a brochure, social media campaign, and video game to educate adolescents and children about clinical research.

For Students Considering YCCI

The YCCI Exposures Internship will broaden your career horizons and teach you about careers in the medical field from world-renowned researchers and leaders. Few summer programs will give you the opportunity to speak with the Senior Advisor of a presidential COVID-19 Response Team and a principle investigator in the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine clinical trials. The YCCI experience will give you an overview of relevant career topics in medicine and foster an appreciation for the discipline. Additionally, the project mentors, guest speakers, and organizers of the YCCI internship are always open for questions and love to share their expertise. YCCI is truly something special.