NIBIB Translational Research Scholars

The National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering (NIBIB) has released a program announcement for the NIBIB Translational Research Scholars program (PA-18-851). The NIBIB program aims to support a two-year research career development experience for a junior faculty member in the engineering, computational or physical sciences (a “quantitative researcher”). To be eligible, a quantitative researcher must collaborate with a junior faculty clinician-scientist scholar.  The partners are expected to develop a novel research proposal that is relevant to NIBIB's scientific mission and that will be undertaken jointly by the research team, if the supplement is awarded. Both partners will be part of the Yale Center for Clinical Investigation (YCCI) Scholars Program. No more than two applications are allowed from a single institution; thus YCCI invites junior faculty to apply to an internal selection process to choose candidates who will subsequently apply to the NIBIB program.

The purpose of the NIBIB program is to facilitate multidisciplinary translational research by supporting the formation of research teams consisting of quantitative researchers and clinician scientists. A successful application to the NIBIB program will result in a supplement to the Yale Clinical and Translational Science Award (CTSA) which will provide support for the quantitative researcher. The partnering clinician scientist will be supported through the parent CTSA. The proposed research should align with the mission of the NIBIB and the NCATS CTSA program. Specifically, the research plan must fall strictly under one or more of the Scientific Program Areas supported by the NIBIB.

Key Dates

Internal RFA release date: August 13, 2018
Internal application due date: September 24, 2018 
Internal decision date: on or about October 22, 2018
NIBIB application due date: December 11, 2018
Expected program start date: June 1, 2019

Support Provided

  • The NIBIB program provides, for the quantitative researcher, $170,000/year in direct costs (up to $120,000 for salary and benefits, and up to $50,000 for tuition and fees, research expenses, travel (limited to $2,500) and statistical services).
  • The parent CTSA provides, for the clinician scientist, $120,000/year in direct costs (up to $100,000 for salary and benefits, and up to $20,000 for non-salary research costs).

Additional Details

Please see the internal RFA and the NIH program announcement (PA-18-851) for complete details about the program. The box on the left includes links to all program documents and the online application submission tool.