Past Activities

SEPA Funded Partnership with Peabody Museum

YCCI’s collaboration with the Peabody Museum of Natural History to support a Science and Education Partnership Award funded traveling exhibit, “

Disease Detectives

Solving the Puzzle: Lyme...

Yale School of Nursing and the Practice-Based Research Network (NetHaven)

Yale School of Nursing (YSN) offers a research-intensive environment that is almost exclusively devoted to community-based research. It is noteworthy that 


Center for Self and Family...

Changing Lifestyles for Better Health


Donaghue Foundation

 funded project emerged as an outgrowth of discussions with community health practitioners and is a collaboration between the Yale Diabetes Program and the Fair...

Yale-Griffin Prevention Research Center

Established in 1998, the Yale-Griffin PRC, a member of the CDC PRC network, is dedicated to the development and use of participatory research methods, a robust agenda of interventional and...