Help Us Discover Heroes - Patient Stories

Discoveries that help millions of patients are made possible thanks to those who participate in clinical research. The volunteers featured here, and many others just like them, are the real heroes behind medical advances.

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Owning Life with Lupus

Warrior 2's for Mindfulness and Research

Mitchell then and now - "Paving the way" through a rare genetic disease

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A Breakthrough for Severe Depression

A Childhood Surrounded by Science

Beating Diabetes, One Step at a Time

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Using the Immune System to Target Cancer

Stopping Diabetes Before It Starts

The Benefits of Exercise for Cancer Survivors

Helping to Steady the Balancing Act of Diabetes

Giving Back to the Community

Preventing Alzheimer’s Disease

Preventing Type 1 Diabetes

Helping Older Adults Maintain Their Independence

Helping Asthma Patients Breathe Easier

Treating And Preventing Diabetes

A New Surgical Option for Low Back Pain

Helping Doctors Understand a Rare Genetic Disease