Feasibility Study Phase C: Expansion Into Multiple Institutions for Training in the Use of the LUM Imaging System for Intraoperative Detection of Residual Cancer in the Tumor Bed of Female Subjects With Breast Cancer


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What is the purpose of this trial?

This is a non-randomized, open-label, multi-site study to collect safety and efficacy data on an intraoperative imaging system, the LUM Imaging System (LUM015 imaging agent in conjunction with the LUM imaging device), in identifying residual cancer in the tumor bed of female breast cancer patients. During the study, study physicians and clinical staff will complete hands-on training in anticipation of the upcoming pivotal study. Site-specific or user-specific issues related to the use of the device will be identified and addressed. Additionally, the data collected in the study will be used to continue training the tumor detection algorithm of the device.

In this study, patients will be injected with LUM015 prior to surgery. The study physicians will perform lumpectomy procedures according to his or her institution's standard of care practice. After the main specimen removal is completed, the study physician will use the LUM Imaging Device to image the tumor bed. Therapeutic shaves will be removed based on the recommendation of the LUM Imaging System. Patients will be followed until their first standard of care post-operative follow-up visit.

  • Ages
    18 years and older
  • Gender
    Female only
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    Lumicell, Inc.
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