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Kanika Jain, PhD

Associate Research Scientist

Contact Information

Kanika Jain, PhD



Dr. Jain obtained her PhD in Life Sciences (Cardiovascular Biology) from India. Her PhD work focused on identifying the effect of high altitude hypoxia on rodent heart and further investigating the role of the Proteostasis network in the cardiovascular system. Her work has contributed to understanding the mechanism behind the differential hypoxic tolerance and has published several research articles during her PhD.

Currently her projects at the Hwa lab at Yale, involve the study of platelets, the anucleate cells in the blood stream. Dr. Jain is doing extensive work on exploring the role of stress induced signaling cascades in the platelets, more specifically in context of protein misfolding and ER Stress. Using a combination of basic and advanced techniques, involving both human and rodent samples, her studies involve a wide range of pathophysiological conditions including Diabetes Mellitus, Aging and Neurodegenerative diseases.

Education & Training

  • PhD
    DIPAS, DRDO, Life Sciences (2015)
  • MSc
    Jamia Hamdard University, Biochemistry (2009)

Departments & Organizations