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Hirsch featured in special 'Women in Science' magazine issue

March 26, 2018

Joy Hirsch, PhD, Professor of Psychiatry, Comparative Medicine and of Neuroscience, is among the women featured in the special Women in Science issue published by Research Features Magazine.

The women featured in the issue “work in diverse areas of research and we hope that their stories will inspire the next generation of researchers,” according to the publisher. “While this issue aims to highlight the fantastic work done by these women, we also want to acknowledge that the field of research has not yet hit the level of equality we would all like to see.”

Hirsch has pioneered a study using new neuroimaging technology to study the human brain as it interacts with others. The article, “Two Brain Neuroscience: Understanding Our Social Serves,” may be viewed at this link. Click the “View issue #124” button at the bottom. The article begins on Page 26.

Submitted by Christopher Gardner on March 26, 2018