Miraculous Coma Survivor Study

A study of the Yale Department of Neurology

Have you or a loved one ever woken up miraculously from a coma despite doctors saying it would never happen? You may be a candidate for a study on miraculous coma recovery.

Why study miraculous coma recovery?

Coma, a state of unconsciousness, can be associated with a wide spectrum of prognoses for various reasons. It is the physician’s responsibility to convey the most likely prognosis to families, using the best evidence available. However, there have been multiple reports of “miraculous” coma recovery after families were told of a devastating prognosis. The goal of this study is to investigate these cases and determine that factors that contribute to these inaccurate predictions of poor outcome.  We want to hear your stories so we can perhaps explain what happened and help doctors everywhere give the best and most accurate prognostic information to families of patients in coma.

Who can participate?

All individuals with a “miraculous” coma recovery after being told by their physicians there is no chance of a meaningful neurological recovery after a brain injury.

What does the study involve?

Once we receive your signed consent form, our research team will acquire the medical records from the pertinent hospitalization.  Then, using evidenced-based criteria we will investigate the events of the hospital course in order to identify factors that may have led to the inaccurate prognosis. Your records will be kept entirely confidential and protected.

How to enroll

Making accurate prognoses for patients in coma is notoriously difficult, and we need your help!  By signing up for this study you allow us to learn from your story and provide us with data that can help improve the way coma patients are cared for and how doctors determine their prognosis. Enrollment is simple and straightforward and you can withdraw from the study at any time and for any reason.

Take a moment to look through the consent form, available here.  In order to understand each case of coma, we need access to the protected medical records from the hospitalization in question.  For that we need your signed permission. We also need your consent to participate in a research study, in which the information we learn can be analyzed and used to draw conclusions about how to make prognostication in coma better and more accurate.  Feel free to contact us with any questions about the consent form or the study itself before you sign.

You can email the form as an attachment to: david.greer@yale.edu or you can mail it to:

Yale Department of Neurology
15 York Street LLCI 
9th floor, Room 912A 
New Haven, CT 06520