Stress, Sleep and Arterial Stiffness

What is the purpose of this trial?

Arterial stiffness is the earliest indicator of risk for hypertension, which is a leading cause of stroke and heart attack. In this study we will be examining the effect of sleep quality and daily stress experiences on arterial stiffness throughout the day. A group of study participants will then be selected for a 3 night stay on the hospital research unit. During this stay we will look at how the amount of sleep a person gets at night can influence the effect that a brief mental stress task has on arterial stiffness.

Participation Guidelines

Ages: 21 years and older

Gender: Both

National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute

Start Date: 11/12/2016

End Date: 11/01/2020

Last Updated: 02/26/2018

Study HIC#: 1509016496

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Matthew Burg

Principal Investigator