About Clinical Research at Yale

Deputy Dean for Clinical Affairs and CEO, Yale Medicine

Paul Taheri, MD, MBA

For 200 years, the Yale School of Medicine has had a tradition of scientific research leading to the development of new drugs and therapies that have helped countless patients. Today, with a fulltime faculty of over 2,000 that includes more than 500 research scientists, Yale is one of the world's leading institutions for biomedical research and advanced clinical care.

Yale conducts hundreds of clinical trials to test cutting-edge treatments for diseases such as cancer, diabetes and many others. These studies are crucial to ensure that new treatments are safe and effective. They are also an opportunity for volunteers to try new experimental treatment options, help bring new medicine to patients who need it, and make a valuable contribution to advancing medical knowledge.

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A Tradition of Discovery

The Yale School of Medicine has a tradition of developing promising new treatments such as the insulin pump to treat diabetes, two drugs to treat HIV infection and the first treatment that...

A History of Firsts

Yale has a history of contributions to the field of medicine that have had a major impact on the health of people around the world.

Pipelines for Pharmaceuticals & Medical Devices

Clinical research at Yale has led to the development of a number of medications as well as a number of medical devices.

The Yale Center for Clinical Investigation

The Yale Center for Clinical Investigation was launched in 2005 to support and promote clinical and translational research. It was one of the first 12 Centers awarded a Clinical and Translational Science Award by the National Institutes of Health. Read more...

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Opting Out of Research

There are three ways to opt out of clinical research at Yale. Learn more.