Helen A. Seow, PhD

Helen Seow

Associate Director of Research Administration and Director of Regulatory (Interim)

Helen Seow, PhD, oversees YCCI’s scientific operational and research administration, and plays a key role in developing and implementing programs that link clinical and translational research with basic science research. In this capacity she oversees the YCCI pilot awards and manages YCCI’s biospecimen unit, which helps investigators manage biospecimens electronically by facilitating access, storage, tracking and retrieval of specimens that are critical to research.  She also manages multiple projects for clinical and translational research, including creating project management, human resources and vendor plans, and manages the IRB and FDA document preparation process and submissions for Yale investigators. She also serves as the project manager for the Autism Biomarkers Consortium for Clinical Trials. In this role, she assists in the management and execution of all aspects of the consortium.  Her responsibilities include supervising all project staff, developing SOPs and related training, ensuring that GCP and compliance requirements are met, assisting in the management of all required reporting activities, and developing financial and other reports. She is the primary contact for all Yale administrative offices for the consortium. Prior to joining YCCI in 2012, Dr. Seow was a member of Yale’s research faculty, where she honed her expertise in oncology, pharmacology, drug discovery, and preclinical investigation, leading and managing several research projects.