Rhoda Z. Arzoomanian, MSM, BSN, RN

Associate Director of YCCI and Yale Cancer Center

Rhoda Z. Arzoomanian, YCCI Coordinating Site Unit Operations Leader

Associate Director of YCCI and Yale Cancer Center

Rhoda Z. Arzoomanian, MSM, BSN, RN, joined Yale in 2014 as Associate Director of YCCI and Yale Cancer Center. A nationally recognized expert in cancer clinical research, clinical trials databases, and the management of an NCI-designated cancer center, Ms. Arzoomanian has over 25 years of clinical research experience.  At Yale, her role encompasses clinical research across the medical campus, including Yale Cancer Center. She oversees clinical research regulatory units, developing results-oriented strategies for these areas, as well as testing and verifying compliance and good clinical practices.  

Ms. Arzoomanian oversees the Clinical Trials Operations of Yale Cancer Center with a team of deputies, as well as the joint YCCI/Yale Cancer Center multicenter unit.  She is responsible for the oversight of implementation timelines, project management resources, and the activities of sites around the county.  Her background with implementation of NCI initiation timeline targets is a valuable asset to investigators across the spectrum of T1 to T4 research. 

Additionally Ms. Arzoomanian has long been recognized as a leader in the development and refinement of the NCI’s Clinical Trials Reporting Program and Cancer Informatics for Cancer Center’s Advisory Board specifically focusing on NCI data reporting standards. She served as a member of the 2005 NCI Clinical Trials Working Group. Ms. Arzoomanian was recently appointed to the NCI Clinical Trials Advisory Committee’s Clinical Informatics Working Group whose purpose is to provide extramural expertise and advice on the implementation of NCI clinical trials informatics initiatives to improve the value of cancer clinical trial data as well as increase usability and accessibility of clinical trial information for physicians, patients, and the public while minimizing the burden of cancer clinical trial data management.