Kelly Anastasio, COC, CPC-H, CPC-I, CPC-P

Kelly Anastasio

Associate Director of Clinical Trial Resources

Kelly Anastasio is the associate director of clinical trial resources and oversees recruitment and development . Prior to joining YCCI, she spent six years as clinical research and reimbursement manager in the Department of Orthopaedics, where she was responsible for managing clinical trial activity including budget development, contract negotiations, clinical trials matrix, and operational flow. Her outstanding contributions had a positive impact on the department’s performance, contributing to record levels of accomplishment and she was awarded the Leadership in Research Billing Compliance Award by Yale Medical Group Compliance in 2010. Ms. Anastasio is a certified Professional Medical Coding Curriculum instructor whose previous experience includes teaching for the Medical Coding Academy in Branford, CT and at The Coding Center of Connecticut.

Ms. Anastasio’s experience provides the ability to oversee the OnCore project which includes many aspects of Yale’s institutional clinical research program, including determining the feasibility of research projects, allocating resources, budgeting for resource needs, and communicating and providing support to research teams. Her organizational and managerial skills have been an asset to YCCI as it seeks to broaden its ability to provide these critical services to investigators across the health campus.