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Mentors who guide the next generation of clinical and translational scientists

Dr. Robert Sherwin, Dr. Ania Jastreboff, Dr. Rajita Sinha
Photo by Robert A. Lisak
Dr. Ania Jastreboff (middle), YCCI Scholar 2011, meets with her mentors, Dr. Robert Sherwin and Dr. Rajita Sinha.
YCCI Scholars have access to world class scientists who are deeply committed to advancing the careers of young investigators and nurturing them along their path to independent research careers. In addition to one or more primary mentors who are members of YCCI’s Society of Mentors, each Scholar is assigned a Career Oversight Committee comprised of an interdisciplinary team of senior faculty members from various departments. These committees provide each Scholar with an unbiased perspective on his or her progress and career development. Yale is among the top 10 performing CTSA institutions for NIH career development (K) awards.

Scholars universally agree that mentorship has been a major factor in their success.  “Mentorship has been the key at all stages,” said 2007 YCCI Scholar Elijah Paintsil, MD, associate professor of pediatrics (infectious diseases) and of epidemiology (microbial diseases). “The YCCI atmosphere provides a pool of secondary mentors with diverse and complementary expertise that benefits junior faculty members. The mentors are accessible, approachable, and dedicated.” Read more…