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A Hub for Clinical and Translational Research

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YCCI has become the hub for clinical research at sites across the medical campus, the university, Yale Medical Group, and the entire Yale-New Haven Health System. The size of the YCCI hub has allowed Yale’s clinical research program – including industry-funded research, multicenter studies, and investigator-initiated projects - to expand significantly for therapeutic research studies to treat conditions affecting large patient populations across the lifespan, as well as rare diseases for which it can frequently be difficult to find an open clinical trial. Throughout the past decade, YCCI has helped to break down silos and leverage resources by promoting the sharing of expertise and funds across departments and 25 other Yale-based centers.

Research across the hub is facilitated by an enterprise-wide electronic health record containing more than four million unique patient records and an enterprise-wide clinical research management system. These efforts are aided by Yale’s Opt-Out policy, which provides access to blood, tissue samples, and medical records from across the entire health system unless a patient opts out. As Yale continues to integrate clinical practice and research across its campus and health system, patients will have increasing access to clinical trials for a range of diseases.