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Interdisciplinary Collaborations

Connecting faculty across fields
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WHRY’s research partnerships bring together Yale faculty from different fields. These collaborations answer real-world health questions. To answer these questions, WHRY needs such diversity to draw on the latest knowledge and techniques. Which helps improve gender-specific prevention and treatment for diseases and conditions most affecting women.

Since 1998, WHRY's collaborations have led to a growing number of researchers at Yale and other institutions studying women and sex and gender differences.

Women's Health Research at Yale allowed us combine our interests to find new treatments for ovarian cancer.

W. Mark Saltzman, PhD, Goizueta Foundation Professor of Biomedical Engineering, Professor of Cellular & Molecular Physiology and of Chemical Engineering
  • This core investigates how addictions have different effects on women and men. The goal is to improve prevention, treatment, and public health policies related to addiction.