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Watch "The Future of Heart Health for Women" Webinar

October 12, 2021

Why are women less likely than men to survive a first heart attack? What can be done to improve outcomes for women?

What types of symptoms of a heart attack are women more likely to show than men? What can we do to help women recognize these symptoms and seek treatment?

What can we do better to help the 50 percent of women presenting with symptoms of a heart attack but who have no cholesterol blockage in their arteries?

What can be done to develop tailored strategies to optimize heart health for both both women and men?

In the embedded video above, watch Women's Health Research at Yale Director Carolyn M. Mazure, Ph.D., and practicing cardiologists Dr. Erica Spatz and Dr. Samit Shah discuss the state of caring for women's heart health, their WHRY-funded research, and how to improve health outcomes for women.

This webinar was co-sponsored by the Yale Alumni Association, YaleWomen, and the Yale Alumni Health Network.

Submitted by Rick Harrison on October 12, 2021