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Dancing Away Breast Cancer

October 17, 2016

Arthur Murray Guilford Dance Center hosted a "Pretty in Pink" dance party on Saturday to raise money for Women's Health Research at Yale's efforts to fight breast cancer.

"We are grateful to everyone who organized this event and showcased their talents for such a worthy cause," said WHRY Director Carolyn M. Mazure, Ph.D. "It is only through the dedication and generosity of thoughtful supporters such as those at Arthur Murray Guilford that our investigators can work to deliver inventive, new therapies and treatments to improve and, in some cases, save lives."

The money raised will go toward the center's continuing efforts to understand, treat, and eradicate breast cancer.

WHRY researchers have:

  • Found genetic markers to predict a vulnerability to breast cancer recurrence
  • Developed a model of breast cancer that can allow for personalized treatment best suited for each individual's specific immune system and type of tumor
  • Begun developing a drug that could block the formation of a cellular control switch that allows breast cancer cells to spread
  • Discovered an automated method to analyze the effectiveness of a particular drug against an individual patient's breast cancer cells
  • Found that tailoring health messages to a patient's information-processing style (whether she is more likely to respond to positive or negative messages) results in increased rates of mammography screening for early breast cancer detection

Together, we can do this.

Submitted by Rick Harrison on October 28, 2016