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Our Society of Friends

Our work would not be possible without your support

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Support from the Society of Friends helps fund important research on women's health.

For two decades, Women's Health Research at Yale has led national efforts to translate new scientific knowledge into medical and personal practice to benefit public health. We must continue to evolve and advance. 

But we can’t do it alone. We are grateful to have such generous and loyal supporters who share our goals. 

WHRY is pleased to acknowledge gifts in support of the endowment fund and annual operating fund. We hope you will consider joining our Society of Friends to ensure that this center continues to drive great science forward. And to help and improve the lives of everyone.

The 2018 – 2019 Society of Friends

Visionaries ($100,000 & above)


Roslyn Milstein Meyer & Jerome Meyer Foundation^*

The Rice Family Foundation^*

Carol F. Ross^*

The Werth Family Foundation*

Partners ($25,000 - $99,999)

The V & L Marx Foundation

Anna Vranos

Investors ($10,000 - $24,999)


Laurie and David Benjamin*

Mr. and Mrs. Jay Bright*

Mildred L. Cannon Trust

Sharon and Doug Karp*

Katharine Kenny*

Seymour L. Lustman Memorial Fund

Ruby Melton and Gail McAvay*

Wendy U. and Thomas C. Naratil*

Advocates ($5,000 - $9,999)


Elisa Spungen Bildner & Robert L. Bildner*

Virginia Brody*

Linda and Vincent Calarco

The Community Foundation for Greater New Haven*

Mary W. Harriman Foundation*

Dinny Seton Wakerley*

Sponsors ($2,500 - $4,999)

Susan and Jon Katz*

Ruth L. Lansner*

Carolee Lee*

Barbara M. Riley*

Friends ($1000 - $2,499)

Emily Aber and Robert Wechsler*

Dr. Walter & Mrs. Diane Ariker*

Sharon and David Bender Family Foundation

Peggy Mann Berenblum*

Anne and Judge Guido Calabresi*

Kimberly M. Goff-Crews

Kim A. Healey*

Pauline and Thomas Ketchum*

Gretchen H. Kingsley*

Anne and William J. Kneisel

Susanna Krentz*

Mazur Family Foundation*

Christine and Kevin McCann

Ellen Gibson McGinnis*

Celia J. Moffie

Stephanie C. Naratil^*

Valerie C. Naratil^*

Barbara F. Nordhaus

Liz and Gus Oliver*

Margaret and Bob Patricelli

David Peters

Eve Hart Rice, M.D.*

Diane Young Turner*

Elisse Walter*

Patricia Doukas Zandy*

Associates ($500 - $999)

Carol J. Amick, M.D.*

Rick and Nancy Antle*

Katharine B. Arnstein*

Joanne Bailey*

Skippy Banker

Mary Jane Burt*

Alice Welt Cunningham*

Jane P. Donaldson

Eileen and Andrew Eder*

Kitty Northrop Friedman and Peter Friedman*

Bradford S. Gentry

Jackie and John Guerriero*

Amy and David Jaffe

Nancy N. Kops*

Jacqueline Koral*

Marsha H. Levy-Warren and Dr. Diane Fader*

Carol and George Milne*

Deborah and David Wilson Moore*

Marta Elisa Moret and Peter Salovey*

Marsha and Ira Moses*

Wendy Price

Lynne Jacobson Schpero and Mark Schpero*

Diane K. Shrier*

Ruth Simon and Thomas Polton*

Carol L. Sirot*

Donna Steinberg

Tracy and Timothy Stuart*

Barbara Wagner*

May Yung-Fun Woo Wang*

G Harold Welch, Jr*

Affiliates (Gifts up to $499)


Susan S. Addiss*

Jean and Bob Adnopoz*

Bruce Alexander*

Robert Alvine and Joann Thompson

Barbara and Richard Angle

Robin M. Beckett and Thomas K. Emmons

Susan E. Bender*

Rosemary Benedict

Elizabeth Benjamin

Joan Beranbaum*

Ethel and Eric Berger*

Katherine D. Berges

Nan M. Birdwhistell and David A. Rothberg*

Judy Birke*

Carol W. Bloom

Anne Boucher*

Jim Vlock and Gail Brekke

Jean S. Brenner*

Patricia C. Brown, M.D.

Linda Burt

Christine and Edward Burt

Daphne Burt*

Jeannette Byers*

Polly Byers

Priscilla F. Canny*

Honorable Susan L. Carney*

Kathleen Carney-Godley*

Marcia Cavanaugh*

Elsie B. Chapman*

Barbara Chesler and Karen Dahl

Shannon Clarkson*

Constance Clement*

Jane and Larry Cohen*

Jane Condon

Kathy Cragan

Anne McBride Curtis*

Connie Dickinson

Melinda A. Divicino

Susan Donner, M.D.*

Frederick A. Downey

Sybil and Arthur Duchin*

Rebecca Eddy and Paul Feuerstein

Dianne M. Edgar

Susan Ehrenkranz*

Barbara T. Ellinghaus*

Ellen and Frank Estes*

Denise B. Finn

Denise J. Fiore*

Anne-Marie Foltz*

Daphne Foreman

Susan Forster and William Riley*

Julia B Frank, M.D.*

Geraldine Frankel*

Ellen S. Friedenberg*

Linda and Garry Friedlaender*

Cheryl A. Funaro*

Patricia and Nathan Garland*

Allison M. Gauthier

Dr. Richard and Patricia Gibbs*

Mary E Gillete M.D.

Nancy W. Gladstone*

Anne Godsey

Zelly and Goldie Goldberg*

Laurie A. Goodman*

Meryl and David Gordon

Barbara Goren and David Rosen

David Greenblatt

Mona and Glenn Gregg

Linda Greub

Betsy Gribble

Carolyn Grillo*

Elizabeth Haas*

Judith Dozier Hackman*

Dolores Hayden

Kristine Reddington Herlyn

Elizabeth Hodapp*

Holly C. Holter*

Carla and Robert Horwitz*

Bernadette Huang

Joan Hurwit

Caren Jacobson and Blair Roberts*

Marjorie G. Jones

Mrs. Thelma G. Joseph*

Carolyn Kenady*

Katherine G. Kennedy*

Sarah L. Knutson*

Wendy Kravitz

Nancy Kuziemski*

Susan E. Lennon and Robert N. Merritt

Anita Licata, M.D.

Linda M. Ludwig

Delaney and Bruce Lundberg

Elizabeth and Jeffrey Luoma

Catherine Lutter and Todd McCreight

Jo Machinist*

Janet A. Madigan and Robert J. Harrity*

Kaye W. Maggart*

Jocelyn S. Malkin

Margaret and Marc Mann*

Barbara B. Mann*

Vincent Marchesi

Peggy Ann Marks*

Mel McCombie and Harris Friedberg

Dr. Elizabeth and Mr. David McKinnis

Jodie Meyer*

Patty Ann and Ed Meyer

Kathryn Cochrane Murphy*

Janet S. Nevas*

Miriam and Jim Niederman*

Sara Ohly

T. Maire Pantani*

Mary L. Pepe

Ann and Greg Pepe

Barbara A. Peters, M.D.*

Carol Petschek

Lauren Pinzka

Alexander Purves*

Paula Reagan

Lupi and John Robinson*

Debra Babcock and Mark Rosekind

Bonnie Roseman

Dr. Jan L. Roth*

Diane and Harvey Ruben

Hedda L. Rubenstein and Michael S. Dimenstein

Marci and Jonathan Rubin*

Elizabeth and Richard Rubin

Michele D. Saczynski*

Ellen and Bob Scalettar

Linda Schupack

Barbara Segaloff*

Betsey and Arthur Selkowitz*

Marjorie Shapiro

Nandita Shenoy*

Martha Virginia Sherman*

Judy and Mark Sklarz*

Betsy and William Sledge

Carole Sobin*

Stephanie Spangler

Sandra and Harold Stern*

Carol E. Tessman

Karen H. Toker, M.D.

Evangeline Wyche Tross

Anne and Anthony Vegnani

Jacqueline S. Vierling*

Cheryl and Thomas Violante*

Wendy Walden

Marjorie J. Webster, M.D.

Marjorie Weishaar

Penny A. Welbourne

Vera F. Wells*

Carolyn K. Wells

Arlene Weyler*

Karen Wilson

Muriel D. Wolf, M.D.

Susan Wong*

Barbara Zahler-Gringer and Martin Gringer

Doris D. Zelinsky

Gifts Were Made in Honor of

Dr. Nita Ahuja

Dr. Mary Arden-Cordone

Taliser Avery

Stuart Baldwin

Laurie Benjamin

Janice Benjamin

Kate Bosch

Gina Boswell

Jane Boucher

Mary Beth Bowerman

Grace Bright

Emmy Bright

Dr. Glenda Callender

Lila Casper

Annie Ames Casper

Jane Cohen

Juliette Cohen

Lauren Cosulich

Lynn Bourney Doukas

Robin Matlin Driansky

Susan Ehrenkranz

Sara Epstein

Dr. Mark Friedland

Dr. Girard

Sophie Gordyn

Melanie Greenberg

Jackie Guerriero

Meaghan Herlyn

Reta Herlyn

Liz Hirsch

Margaret House

Sunny Kang

Dr. Sharon Karp

Susan Katz

Ann Kneisel

Susanna Krentz

Mary Landry

Ann Landry

Ruth Lansner

Skye Lee

Barbara Luoma

Carolyn Mazure

Colin McEnroe

Marilyn Melcher

Barbara Melcher

Roz Milstein Meyer

Kathryn Mitchell, Dave and the Nursing Staff

Helen Morse

Wendy Naratil

Nate Nickerson

Aldonna Noto

Janice Pattison

Mary Pepe

Laverne Phillips

Robyn Porter

Jennifer Randall

Audrey Ratner

Eve Hart Rice

Barbara Riley

Gerun Riley

Carol F. Ross

Marci Rubin

Janet Russell

Wendy Sadik

The Vaynor Satanovskaya Family

Phyllis Seton † 

Scott Sherman

Dr. Elizabeth Siderides

Dr. Peter Siroka

Sarah Steinhaus

Karen Strouse

Clare Tessman

Cindy Underwood

Anne Vegnani

Patricia Vegnani

Erica Walden

Dr. David Wolfsohn

Susie Zimmerman

Gifts Were Made in Memory of

Mary B. Arnstein

Elva S. Dozier

Selma Engel

Hilda G. Foreman

Betty Forte

Eunice Groark

Betty Ruth Hollander

Susan Ives

Kaaren Jordan

Sally Marchesi

Helen Mikitas

Martha Mikitas

Gertrude Reddington

Jeanne Rowe

Barbara and Sam Scola

Madeline Selden

Carolyn W. Slayman

Betsy Welch

Dr. Morton J. Weyler

Cealie Turner Wilson

Richard N. Wolf

Alfred W. Wolfsohn

Company Matching Gifts

3M Foundation



News Corp


WHRY would also like to acknowledge our Founding Members


Melinda Agsten

Walter & Diane Ariker

Mary B. Arnstein †

Sherry Banks-Cohn

Edna Beaudette

Ruthann Beckerman

Ethel Berger

Rita D. Berkson

Grace G. Bright

Mary Jane Burt

Priscilla F. Canny

Helen Y. Chang, M.D., M.P.H.

Roxanne Coady

Jane A. Cohen, LCSW

Kate Collins

Cynthia Conrad, M.D., Ph.D.

Susan W. Crosby †

Carolyn D’Ambrosio, M.D.

Mary Graham Davis

Valerie G. Dugan

Pamela Ehrenkranz, J.D.

Barbara E. Feldman

Anne-Marie Foltz

Marjorie Northrop Friedman, J.D.

Priscilla Gaines

Donna Galluzzo, Ph.D.

Shelley Geballe

Edith P. Gengras

Evelyn Q. Getman

Melanie A. Ginter, Ph.D.

Elaine Glass

Susan Glasspiegel

Mrs. Harry J. Gray

Jane W. Griffith

Betsy Henley-Cohn

Etha Henry

Rosemary Hudson

Megan Ifill-Haney

Carolyn R. Kahn, Ph.D.

Susan Lustman Katz, J.D.

Paulette Kessler, J.D.

Charlotte M. Kinlock

Eileen S. Kraus †

Ruth Lyon Lasell, M.D.

Hadassah Lieberman

Katharine Lustman-Findling †

Janet Madigan, M.D.

Cynthia F. Mann, M.D.

Roslyn Milstein Meyer, Ph.D.

Sharon Milikowsky

Lesley Mills

Alice S. Miskimin, Esq.

Barbara F. Nordhaus

Barbara L. Pearce

Alice Poole

Katherine S. Prokop

Ellen Rabina

Carol F. Ross

Sheilah B. Rostow

Patricia E. Sabosik

Lynne Jacobson Schpero

Rochelle Schreibman, M.D.

Sara Lee Schupf

Martha Shattuck †

Susan Fromm Shimelman

Claire B. Simon

Carol Sirot

Anne Stanback

Barbara C. Wareck

Mrs. William H. White

Julia Whiteside-de Vos, M.D.

Mary Lou Winnick

Claire Wiseman, Ph.D.

Muriel D. Wolf, M.D.

Susan Wong, M.D.

^ indicates multi-year pledge
* indicates consecutive donations over past three years
† deceased 

Women’s Health Research at Yale makes every effort to report gift information to the community accurately. Even so, omissions and errors may occur. In such cases, we will promptly update information. Please contact us at This listing was last updated 5/15/2019.