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What Your Gift Can Do

Research, mentorship, and more
Photo by Robert A. Lisak

We don’t know what we don’t study.

We need careful research that accounts for sex and gender to understand what makes us different. And how to care for each individual according to what’s best for her or him.

Women’s Health Research at Yale relies on generous donors to launch investigations into vital health issues, build research partnerships across disciplines, train the next generation of researchers and clinicians, engage the public and professionals in health education initiatives, and assert a national voice to inform public policy.

Your gift could:

  • Fund another promising research project
  • Support meaningful mentorships to outstanding junior faculty members and students focused on researching women’s health and sex-and-gender differences
  • Underwrite newsletters and digital communications that feature updates on the latest innovations in women’s health
  • Produce videos to raise public awareness of pressing health issues

For information on making a gift to WHRY, please call, email, or write:

Marco Mutonji
Grants & Finance Administrator

135 College Street, Suite 220
New Haven, CT 06510

(203) 764-6600

Crucial funds that start science

Today's medical advancements like prescription medication, therapeutic treatments, and medical devices all began with an idea.

But before becoming part of clinical practice, these ideas need to be tested, developed, and improved through research. And not every idea ends up receiving the necessary funding to even begin the early steps of research.

That's where we come in. Women's Health Research at Yale provides "seed" money for promising investigators. Scientists can start testing their ideas and gathering data that is wholly necessary to secure larger grants from external funders like the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

The range of our studies is not limited — true discovery results from the opportunity to pursue innovative ideas across disciplines. And we can only sponsor these exciting new ideas with your support.

A record of growth

Since the start of our Pilot Project Program in 1998, more than $5 million in seed grants has been awarded, and our investigators used the results from their studies to generate more than $106 million in new external grants to further their research.

Of those funded by our Pilot Project Program:

  • an outstanding 58% of our investigators obtained these external grants — three times the success rate for NIH grant applications — a testament to the strength and relevance of their work
  • 72% have been junior or mid-level faculty, who needed these funds to launch their careers.

As federal dollars for medical research have become more difficult to obtain, Women’s Health Research at Yale has worked to ensure that essential research on women’s health and sex and gender differences continues, leading toward wiser health policies and practices. We need your help to advance this life-saving progress.