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Sterling Memorial Library

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Life-long learning

At Women’s Health Research at Yale, we share a unique bond with Yale alumni in our commitment to the lifelong pursuit of knowledge.

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You've Got Male. Now What About Women?

Carolyn M. Mazure, PhD (left) and Elisa Spungen Bildner ’75 (right)

Bringing the scientific discussion to you

We partnered with YaleWomen to deliver a one-hour webinar focused on the dramatic need to study women's health. The conversation with WHRY Director Carolyn M. Mazure, Ph.D. was moderated by Elisa Spungen Bildner ’75, member of the Advisory Council for WHRY and founding member of the YaleWomen Governing Council (2010-18).

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WHRY is the best of what the university represents. I’m proud to support this center’s innovative and practical work while also supporting my alma mater.