Center Affiliates

We strive to build interdisciplinary connections and foster relationships with other organizations within the community and on a national level. Organizations below work with Women's Health Research to build such connections, or have partnered with us in the past. 

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A 2013 recipient of Pilot Project Program funding, the play2PREVENT™ Lab focuses on the use of “play,” in the form of video games, for the purposes of education, risk reduction, disease and harm prevention, health promotion, and educational interventions.

Visit the play2PREVENT website.


WHRY collaborates with OhioHealth Healthcare System to publish Help with the Headlines, a regular series answering questions on timely topics in cardiac care to help make sense of research reports in the media. The series includes questions on your heart and the effect of medications, exercise, diet, and hormones. 

OhioHealth is a nationally recognized nonprofit organization based in Columbus, Ohio, with providers across 46 counties offering a holistic approach to prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of heart disease. 

Serving its communities since 1891, OhioHealth is a family of 28,000 associates, physicians and volunteers, and a network of 11 hospitals, more than 50 ambulatory sites, hospice, home-health, medical equipment, and other health services.

Visit the OhioHealth website.