What We Do

As part of the Web Group's core challenge to solve web-based problems with school-wide solutions we use Tridion, a Content Management System (CMS) program, which allows users to organize, edit, and publish web content. 
Additionally, we have developed an ever-growing suite of applications to enhance the school's websites

Site Building

The Web Group offers guidance on maintaining YSM organization websites and lab/personal faculty websites built in Tridion content once it has gone live.

Editing Services

For those organizations that do not have the time, people, or web know-how to maintain their website, the Editing Service allows them to shift the maintenance responsibility to the Web Group. The organization is still responsible for generating and communicating the edits.

Website Review

The Website Review service provides a systematic and professional review of the strengths and weaknesses of your organization's website.

YSM Applications

Profile System

To better assist administrators manage organization membership lists and edit faculty profiles, the Web Group has begun developing a series of videos and instruction guides.

News System

The news system is part of the faculty profile system. You can log in to the system by visiting profile.yale.edu, clicking on ‘edit a profile.

Event Calendar

The School of Medicine's online event calendar is an intuitive and easy to use system available to display public or private calendars on YSM websites.


If your organization installs a Flyerboard, it will pull and display data from various tools and web applications including the News System, YSM Calendar, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc.