Side Column Summaries

What You Will Learn

  • How to create and insert a summary view on the left column of your page 
  • How to link this summary view to the page that contains the full view

Quick Steps

  1. Create or edit a Content component with text in the "Introduction text" field and, if desired, an image in the "Image displays in summary" field.
  2. Insert the Content component onto a page using one of the templates listed below.
  3. Publish the same component using the Content Full template on a separate page.

Tridion offers several "Side Column Summary" templates that allow you to display brief text (and even images) on the left column of your page. These are particularly useful for displaying contact information and links to important documents, much like the callout templates.

Component Templates for Side Column Summaries include (examples listed in the left column of this page):

  • Summary- Title and Text Only #side
  • Summary- Title, Text, and Image #side
  • Summary- Orange Button #side
  • Summary- Rust Button #side
  • Summary- Standard Button #side
  • Summary- Rust Button #side with an external link summary component


  1. You can create a Side Column Summary by either editing an existing Content component or by creating a new content component. To learn how to create a new content component that features text, visit the Add Text section. You can also create external link summary components to link to non-Yale content. 
  2. Keep the component open. Copy text from one of the paragraphs that would be suitable for summary-type text and paste this into the "Introduction text for summaries (Not shown in full view)" field. If none of your paragraphs have text that work as an introduction, create new text that briefly summarizes the point of your content.
  3. Summary views give you the option to also include an image. In the "Image displays in summary views" field, select an image you want to be displayed with the summary. This image will only be featured when the component is used as a Summary.  If you want the image to also view on the full page, you must include it again in the "Image" field  below "Texts and tables".
  4. Once you've completed the component, remember to click on "Save & Close" in the home tab.
  5. Determine where in your site you want to feature a brief review and open the corresponding page in your root folder.
  6. Click the "Component Presentations" tab at the top of the page, and click "Insert" at the bottom.
  7. Select the component you've just created or edited, and in the "Component Template" drop down menu, select the left column summary view you want (types listed above and examples are to the left).
  8. Remember to hit "Save & Close" in the Home tab. 
  9. To publish:
    • If the component you used is part of a page that has already been published, you can now publish the page that you just inserted the Content Summary template into. 
    • If this is a new component that does not exist elsewhere, you must also create a separate page for this component to live in. This page must also be published. For instructions on how to build a page, visit this section.

Additional Side Column Schema

Refer to the list below for a list of instructions for other side column schema.

Summary- Title & Text Only #side

This is a basic summary view.

Summary- Title, Text and Image #side

This option includes an image.

Summary- Orange Button #side

Researchers also argue that purple has a soothing effect. Paint your office walls purple.

Summary- Rust Button #side

Ray Allen left the Boston Celtics for the Miami Heat.

Summary- Standard Button #side

Teal....very 1995.

New York Times External Content

This links out to some external content via an external link summary component.