Using Summary Templates

A good way to direct visitors to the content they are looking for is with summaries. Summaries allow you to easily create a preview of content available on another page of your site which visitors can click to find out moreĀ (like the text you're currently reading!).

Content Summaries 2

Content Summaries

By using a Content Summary Template, you can include a brief introductory paragraph from one component/page and feature the same component in full on a separate page.

Summary Grid 2

Summary Grids

Summary Grid templates are excellent options for providing visitors with brief overviews of content on other pages through using a more "designed" element on your page.

RC Summary 2

Side Column Summaries

Tridion offers several "Side Column Summary" templates that allow you to display brief text (and even images) on the left column of your page.

Content Summaries

Content Summaries

This video demonstrates how to create content summaries to display on a page.