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"Appointment Box" Callout

You can use the Appointment schema to insert a styled call out on your page. While this template was designed primarily for patient care information, all text fields in the box are editable so it can be used to call attention to any type of contact info.


  1. Create a New Component in your Building Blocks folder, select "Appointment" from the schema menu.
    • Title: Enter a title. This is the heading that will appear at the top of your appointment box.
    • Contact type text: Select the contact type that you want to include in the box.
    • Contact: Enter the appropriate contact information based on the selection you chose in the "Contact type text" field.
    • Additional info text: Enter additional information that's relevant to how patients can contact your office. For example, office hours, the type of information they need to provide when leaving a voicemail, etc.
    • Links: You can link to different components that are published on pages within your site. Link to relevant pages, like Clinical Services or Faculty Profiles. Click the green (+) sign to add additional components.
  2. Save & Close.
  3. Go into the Root folder of your publication. Open the page where you want to feature an appointment callout box.
  4. Insert the component on your page, and select either "Appointment Box, or "Appointment Box #side" from the Component Template menu within the Component Presentations tab. 
  5. Save & Close your page, then publish!

What You Will Learn

  • How to create a styled appointment box for your page

Quick Steps

  1. Create Appointment component and fill out appropriate fields
  2. Insert onto page and select "Appointment Box," or "Appointment Box #side" from template menu.