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Side Column Content

Content components with Borders can be used to display your content in interesting ways that can break up your page. This is better than leaving all of your text in a central content component, as it makes the content easier to absorb, and pulls the reader's attention to specific pieces of information. Most content components can be displayed as left side components or as full width components in the center of your page. To learn more about other side column components, see below.

Text-based content components can be inserted in the left column by selecting the "Content - Standard border #side," "Content - Rust border #side" or "Content - Orange border #side" templates on a page.


  1. In your Building Blocks folder, create a new Component and select "Content" from the schema menu (it will say "(None)" by default).
  2. After inserting a name for your component (use the name to indicate that it's intended for the left column out so you can identify it later), insert text in the "Title" and brief text in the"Text and tables" section.
    • Because this is a left column call out, you want to keep the text limited to two or three sentences.
    • If you'd like, you can hyperlink some of this text to documents or other pages within your site. However, Side Column Summary Views are often the more appropriate option for this function and can also include images.
  3. Save & Close your component once finished.
  4. Go into the Root folder of your publication. Open and select the page on which you want to feature a call out box on the left side.
  5. In the Component Presentations tab, insert this component and select either "Content - Standard border #side," "Content - Rust border #side" or "Content - Orange border #side." See examples to the left.
  6. Save & Close your page, then publish!

What You Will Learn

  • How to create boxes for the left column of your page without images

Quick Steps

  • Create content component 
  • Insert on page as "Content - Standard border #side," "Content - Rust border #side" or "Content - Orange border #side"

Content - Standard border #side

SHM Mosaic
Example of "Content - Standard border #side."

Content - Orange Border #side

alt text
Example of "Content - Orange Border #side."

Content - Rust border #side

Example of "Content - Rust border #side."

Additional Side Column Schema

Refer to the list below for a list of instructions for other side column schema.