Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) / Expandable Content

What You Will Learn

  • How to create and insert Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on your page

Quick Steps

  1. Create FAQ component(s) 
  2. Insert FAQ component(s) into List component
  3. Insert List component onto page as "FAQ" template

FAQ components are used to help answer questions for visitors in a quick and concise format. FAQs do not necessarily have to contain "questions" and "answers," and can be used as a template to display a large amount of text without taking up too much real estate on the page.
  1. In the Create tab, select "New Component" and then "FAQ" from the Schema drop down menu.
  2. Enter the appropriate text for the "Question" and "Answer" fields. FAQs do not always need to be in a question/answer format, but the component is most suitable for this format.
  3. When you're done entering text into these fields, hit "Save & Close" in home tab. Repeat steps 1-2 for every FAQ you want.
  4. Once all of your FAQ components have been completed, you must create a "List" component. To do so, select "New Component" in the Create tab and then choose "List" from the Schema drop down menu. 
  5. Do not enter any text in the "Display title" field. 
  6. In the "List element" field, click on the folder/magnifying glass button. Then select the FAQ components you've just created. After selecting the first, click on the green (+) to select additional FAQ components. 
  7. Once your list is complete, hit Save & Close in the home tab. 
  8. In your root folder, select the page that you want your FAQ list to appear on. After inserting the FAQ list, select "FAQ" from the Component Presentations tab. Save & Close your page, then publish!

TIP: The FAQ component cannot be the only component on the page. You must create and insert a "Page Title" component or a "Content" component to live on the page as well. 

See the next tab to test how an FAQ functions.

An example FAQ list

Please call us at 203-432-5555, option #1.
123 College Street, Floor 5, New Haven, CT
Please arrive at your appointment with your insurance card and a list of the medications you are currently taking.