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Specialized Text Content

Templates like quote boxes, tabs, FAQs, and tables are specialized text templates for specific use cases. They allow you to display your content in visually interesting ways and can help to break up large amounts of text or data on a single page.

  • The FAQ / Expandable Content templates are used to display content in a concise format.
  • Text Fragment components can add designed call outs to your page and draw attention to specific information.
  • "Appointment Box" Callout

    You can use the Appointment schema to insert a styled call out on your page. While this template was designed primarily for patient care information, all text fields in the box are editable so it can be used to call attention to any type of contact info.

  • Using the "Quote" component allows you to insert styled testimonials and/or quotes to a page.
  • Tabs are a helpful way to categorize text into different sections so that the pages remain shorter.