Wide Photo

This is a team photo using the wide photo template!

Wide Images

What You Will Learn

  • How to add full width images onto your page

Quick Steps

  1. Upload and create New Multimedia components for full size and cropped images
  2. Insert images into About the Image component
  3. Insert About the Image component onto page as "Wide Image" template

Wide Images

Wide images span the full width of the content area of a page and always appear at the top of the page. If there is a content component on the page, the content component's "Title Field" will be displayed as a H1 page title above the wide image.The wide photo will work on a one column or two column page. On a two column page, the two columns will start below the wide photo.

  1. You will first need to upload an original image (the uncropped image) and 715 x 390 landscape cropped image into Tridion.
  2. In your Building Blocks folder, open a new component and select the "About the Image" schema from the drop down menu. You will upload both images into this component. Save & Close.
  3. In your Root folder, open the page where you want to insert this image. 
  4. When inserting the "About the Image" component on the page, select "Wide Image" from the template drop down menu.  Save & close your page and publish! Note If the image does not fit in the 715 x 390 pixel space on the page (or have the same aspect ratio) Tridion will automatically crop the image to fit in the space.