Side Column Images

You can insert images into the right column of your page without having to insert them into a content component. This option is useful for pages that do not include content components.


  1. After you have uploaded your image(s) into Tridion, go into the Root folder of your publication and open the page on which you want to add a right column image.
  2. Insert the image(s) in the Component Presentations tab, and from the Component Template menu, select either "Photo #side." The order in which you list your images is the order that they will display in the side column.
    • When you uploaded the image into Tridion, whatever you entered as the caption will appear on the page and when a user clicks on the image, the caption will appear in the popup window.¬†
  3. Save & Close your page when finished, then publish your page.

Additional Side Column Schema

Refer to the list below for a list of instructions for other side column schema.