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Photo Gallery Lists

If your site has several photo galleries, you can create a page featuring a list of galleries that functions much like a table of contents.


  1. Create a Content Component that you will list first when building your page. Your page should have some introductory text before you begin to list your photo galleries.
  2. The next step is to create each of your photo galleries and publish each to its own individual page.
  3. Afterwards, determine how you'd like to categorize them on a gallery list/table of contents page. For example, the galleries below are categorized by "YSM Buildings," "Photos from YSM Departments," and "People at YSM."
  4. For each category/section, create a "List" component that includes each photo gallery list you want to include. Think of this as a list within a list.
  5. Save & Close your List component.
  6. Go into the Root folder of your publication, and open the page you want to insert your list of galleries.
  7. In the Component Presentations tab, insert each List component you've just created and select "List of Photo Galleries" from the template menu. List these components in the order you want them to appear on your page. Remember to insert your page title or your content component first.
  8. Once finished, Save & Close your page and publish! As you are publishing multiple galleries, it may take several minutes.

What You Will Learn

  • How to list multiple image/photo galleries in an organized fashion onto your page

Quick Steps

  1. Make sure image galleries are already published on their own pages
  2. Create List component and insert the List components for each gallery
  3. Insert comprehensive List component onto page as "List of Photo Galleries" template

YSM Buildings

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Photos from YSM Departments

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People at YSM

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