Large Image Gallery

What You Will Learn

  • How to create an image gallery for the center area of your page

Quick Steps

  1. Create List component of all images you want to include in image gallery
  2. Insert List component on page as "Image Gallery" template

Large image galleries appear in the center area of your page. These are recommended for pages without a lot of content as they take up more space than the photo gallery widget.
  1. After uploading the images you'd like to include in a gallery, create a new "List" component.
  2. Select each image you'd like to feature in this gallery. Save & Close when finished.
  3. Open the page you'd like to feature your gallery on. Insert the List you've just created, and then select "Image Gallery" from the template drop down menu.
  4. Save & Close, and then publish!

Surgery Images

Image Size Restriction

Images must be at least 739 pixels wide to appear in the main column photo gallery. Otherwise they will not appear on the page.