Images & Image Galleries

Instructions for wide images, standard images next to paragraphs, and galleries are all provided here.

Adding Images to Content Components

A common way to add images to pages is by attaching them onto Content components.


Wide Images

Wide images span the full width of the content area of a page and always appear at the top of the page.

Image Gallery 2

Large Image Gallery

Large image galleries appear in the center area of your page.


Side Column Images

You can insert images into the side column of your page without having to insert them into a content component. This option is useful for pages that do not include content components.

Right Column Gallery 2

Side Column Image Gallery

Side column galleries are useful for when your page already has a considerable amount of content.

Photo Gallery Lists 2

Photo Gallery Lists

If your site has several photo galleries, you can create a page featuring a listing of galleries that functions much like a table of contents.