Adding Multimedia

Tridion allows you to add image, video, and audio files to your site through utilizing various components and templates. This section will explain how to add both single multimedia files and galleries to your site. See the "Uploading" sections prior to viewing instructions for multimedia templates.

Uploading Multimedia to the Web

  • Images

    Prior to adding images to pages, you must first upload the image into Tridion as a component itself.

  • Documents

    Word, Excel, and PDF documents, just to name a few, are considered "multimedia" in Tridion. Steps for uploading documents are provided in this section. 

Adding Multimedia on a Webpage

After uploading your multimedia content, the next step is to insert the content onto a page using particular templates. Visit each section below to learn how to publish multimedia content on your page.

  • Images & Image Galleries

    Instructions for home page banner images, wide images, standard images next to paragraphs, and galleries are all provided here.
  • Adding Documents to a Page

    A document is not added onto a page by using any specific template like other multimedia components. Rather, text is hyperlinked to a document component, which allows for the user to download the document from your site once published.
  • Video Players

    Only videos from the YSM Media Library, YouTube, or Vimeo can be featured on your page(s). The components listed below make it easy for you to add these videos onto your page, whether published as a single video in the center or as a Mixed Media Gallery for multiple videos.
  • Audio Player

    If you have a single audio file you'd like to feature on your site, you have the option of inserting a file from the Media Library tool.

Advanced Templates

For advanced instructions on working with SDL, click below: