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The Link schema can be used to create buttons, an easy and quick way to create a prominent link on your page. The button can either be a component link, a multimedia link, or a standard URL link.

Link to download a file


A Button using the Link: Multimedia schema will create a button which, when clicked by a visitor, downloads a file to their computer. To create a button for a download link to a multimedia item:

  1. Create a New Component in your Building Blocks folder and select Link: Multimedia from the schema drop-down menu.
    • Link Title: This field represents the text that will appear in your button. Enter short text that quickly grabs visitors' attention. The text should make it clear that clicking the button will download a file to the user's computer.
    • Multimedia link: Select the browse button and choose the multimedia component that you wish to link to
    • Icon: Choose an icon to display in the button from the list of preset options.
    • Save & Close.
  2. Open the Root folder of your publication and the page you want to insert a button. In the component presentations tab, insert your button and select "Button (Side Column)" or "Button with Detail" from the template drop-down menu.
  3. Save & Close the page, then publish.