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The Link schema can be used to create buttons, an easy and quick way to create a prominent link on your page. The button can either be a component link, a multimedia link, or a standard URL link.

Link to a webpage


To create a button for a link to a URL or component:

  1. Create a New Component in your Building Blocks folder and select "Link" from the schema drop-down menu.
    • Link Title:This field represents the text that will appear in your button. Enter short text that quickly grabs visitors' attention.
    • Componentlink: Use this field if you are linking to a page within your own publication. Select the yellow folder with the magnifying glass and choose the component that is inserted on the published page to link to.
    • URL for the link: Use this field if you are linking to a page outside of your publication. Click the the hyperlink button to the right and enter the URL in the "URL" field.
    • Icon: Choose an icon to display in the button from the list of preset options.
    • Save & Close.
  2. Open the Root folder of your publication and the page you want to insert a button. In the component presentations tab, insert your button and select "Button (Side Column)" or "Button with Detail" from the template drop-down menu.
  3. Save & Close the page, then publish.