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There are many available templates which allow you to link to other webpages and information, both within and outside of your website. Links, link lists, buttons, and summaries all can allow you to do so in visually interesting and informative ways.
  • Hyperlinking text to documents, external websites, pages within your sites, and to e-mail addresses is simple in Tridion.
  • Basic Link Lists are useful for when you have a moderate to small number of links that you wish to display in a list on your website.
  • Complex link lists are useful when you want to display many  links, and you can easily divide the links into categories.
  • The Link schema can be used to create buttons, an easy and quick way to create a prominent link on your page. The button can either be a component link, a multimedia link, or a standard URL link.

Advanced Templates

For advanced instructions on working with SDL, click below: