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Twitter Feed Instructions

You can insert a Twitter feed in the right column of a page which will display the most recent tweets of a specified Twitter account.

What You Will Learn

How to insert a Twitter feed onto your page

Twitter Feed Instructions

  1. Log into Tridion. In your Building Blocks folder, create a new component with the schema Twitter Feed.
  2. Enter the Twitter account name (the handle, not the full name) in the Twitter Name field. You do not need to add the "@."
  3. Enter the number of tweets you'd like to display in the feed.
  4. Save & Close.
  5. Go into the Root folder of your publication, and open the Structure Group and then the page that will house your Twitter Feed.
  6. Click Insert to add a component to the page, and browse to the component you just created.
  7. Click the component once, then select Twitter Feed Widget to insert it in the left column from the Component Template dropdown menu.
  8. Click the Insert button, then Close.
  9. Save & Close. Then publish!