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RSS Feeds


Inserting a RSS Feed on your page is a simple solution for adding a list of automatically updated news.

  1. In your Building Blocks folder, create a New Content Component and select "RSS Feed" from the schema list.

    • Heading: Insert a title for your RSS Feed.
    • Number of items to display: This is the amount of news items that will populate in your list. Keep this number low.
    • URL of the feed: Insert the URL of a site's RSS Feed. For example, the NY Times Homage Page RSS Feed is
    • Save & Close your component.

  2. Go into the root folder of your publication and open the page you want to include a RSS Feed on.
  3. In the Component Presentations tab, insert your component. Select "RSS Feed" to publish your feed in the center of your page (example below), or "RSS Feed for side column" to publish in the left column of your page (example at left).
  4. Save & Close your page. Then publish!