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Social Media

Given YSM's guidelines regarding interactions with patients, there are limited options for adding social media "features" to your site. In addition to a Twitter feed, the Web Group can add linked buttons to your site that direct users to your social media sites.

Social Media Links

If you would like to feature social media icons on your YSM site that link to your social media pages, please contact the YSM Editor: It's possible to add buttons for Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and LinkedIn.

We do not endorse uploading logos from Facebook, Twitter, etc. to your page and hyperlinking them to your respective pages. Such actions are potentially in violation of these companies' brand guidelines.

You can insert a Twitter feed in the right column of a page which will display the most recent tweets of a specified Twitter account.

Inserting a RSS Feed on your page is a simple solution for adding a list of automatically updated news.