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PubMed Publications Feed

Some organizations and labs will want to list recent publications. SDL has a PubMed component that automatically updates publications onto your page by pulling in information from PubMed. Using the PubMed component eliminates the hassle of having to continuously update your publications page and writing citations.

What You Will Learn

  • How to utilize PubMed to add a feed of publications onto your page

Quick Steps

  1. Create PubMed component and fill out fields
  2. In the Query field, use the PubMed Query Builder to populate the most fitting search terms to aggregate all of your/your department's publications
  3. Insert component onto page as "PubMed Feed" template

PubMed Publications Feed Instructions

  1. In your Building Blocks folder, create a "PubMed" folder. Then create a "PubMed" component by selecting "PubMed" from the schema drop down menu.
  • Name field: Enter an appropriate name.
  • Title: Enter an appropriate title, this title will appear on your page.
  • Query:
  • Click on the link to PubMed. A PubMed window will appear. In the Builder section, add search terms that are particular to your organization.
  • TIPS: Make sure you select the correct field from the drop down menu. Using the correct author names and also entering Yale as as an "All Fields" search will produce an accurate list.
  • Click "Search" to view the publications that appear. There is a possibility that your search list will include publications that are not related to your organization. If you need assistance in limiting the search, please do not hesitate to contact the Office of Communications and we will work with you to create more precise search terms.
  • At the top of the search results window, you will see a field that includes all of the search terms you entered. Copy all of the search terms in this field. Exit the PubMed window.
  • Once you're back in the component, past these search terms into the Query field.
  • Maximum Results: If you entered precise search terms, you will not have to use this field.
  1. Save & Close.
  2. Go into your Root folder and open the Structure Group that will house your PubMed Feed.
  3. Insert the PubMed component onto your page and select "PubMed Feed" from the template drop down menu.
  4. Publish!